Brazil Business Database with executives list

Brazil business database and b2b email list

The Brazil business database is a sensational and complete b2b showcasing bundle that accompanies two databases. The official registered database contains 250 000 records and 50 000 emails and The Brazil executives database containing 1.9 million records all with email and also redesigns and addons. This is a killer list to contact some of the most influential executives in the country. You won't locate a superior bundle at such a moderate cost.


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Records: Over 250 000 business records and 1.9 million businessmen records
File Type: .CSV
Delivery: Download
This file contains multiple databases and updates
This package comes with two databases:
1.Brazil business database and updates over 250 000 businesses with over 50 000 emails total and includes:
Company Name
Email (over 50 000 total)
2. Brazil executives and corporate ceos/and high ups
1.9 million businessmen and includes:
Note: some information such as contact person, website  or fax will only show on records that have the available information. Not all records may have phone numbers.



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