2020 USA Business database - Executive Edition

This is a a full business database with detailed executive information. Not only do you get 37 million business records, 27 million of those have extended information such as executive email, credit score, etc
USA Business Database
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USA business database executive version

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The most complete B2B tool!

This Gargantuan release has a full 37 million business records and within it 27 million extended executive records. All in Excel files with sortable in which you can easily sort categories to fine tune your marketing campaign. Download once, use unlimited. Millions of records at your fingertips!


  Fields include

Records: over 37 million
File Type: Excel (Can be opened via Microsoft Excel)
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  • Available credit Score, Phone, Email, Fax, Company Executives Contact Info Company Address, Address2, City, State, Zip, Zip4, Zip9, Latitude, Longitude,County, Area_Code, Telephone_Number, Toll_Free_Number, Fax_Number, Title_Code_1, Title_Code_2, Ethnic_Code, Ethnic_Group, Language_Code, Religion_Code, Web_Address, NumEmployees, Total_Employees_Corp_Wide, SalesVolume, Total_Revenue_Corp_Wide, NAICS_1, NAICS_2, NAICS_3, NAICS_4, MinorityOwned , smallBusiness, LargeBusiness, HomeBusiness, Credit_Score, PublicCompany, Headquarters_Branch, FranchiseFlag, IndividualFirm_Code, SIC8_1, SIC8_1_2, SIC8_1_4, SIC8_1_6, Ad_Size, FemaleOwnedorOperated, MedianIncomeCensusArea, MeanHousingCensusArea, CityPopulation , Residential_Business_Code, Email, ContactName, Title_Full, ContactGender, Phone_Contact





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