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Buy MLM leads - A Deep Insight


Buy MLM Leads - A deep insight

MLM leads can be a good source of revenue and hence many of the businesses choose to buy MLM leads. But you must choose a good MLM network marketer who is committed to providing quality leads else if the leads are not genuine and fresh then you will not get any sort of conversions and make any kind of revenue out of the leads. Choose a company with a good review and who is having several years of experience in generating MLM leads, and have high ratings on the internet.

You can purchase MLM leads that are specific to your region and business from a good lead generation company. But make sure to check out the pricing with several companies so that you get competitive pricing for your leads. If you are sick of making calls to people for marketing without many conversions or have poor growth of your business, then it is best to buy MLM leads for the growth of your business and brand. Many of the MLM businesses fail because they do not have many downlines and so in order to get real-time leads that are phone verified one must choose to buy MLM leads.


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Is it worth buying MLM Leads --

there are a lot of temptations when people are trying to buy MLM leads and due to this, they can end up making a lot of mistakes and losing their money in buying the leads that are dead and of no profit. It is a big mistake to buy MLM leads if you are not sure about the freshness of the leads. There are many companies that sell recycled leads to multiple companies at a time. These leads can also be irrelevant to a great extent.

If proper marketing strategies are not used by an MLM business, then they might not get enough business and may end up getting impatient. If you buy these leads, then you will get leads with a wasted effort and will not produce any such result that you would desire.

Top 3 reasons why you must not Buy MLM leads without thinking and proper research --

It is a very difficult question to choose whether you must or must not buy MLM leads. This is a very difficult question as buying the leads is a lucrative thing but if the leads are not qualified and proper then it is just a waste of time and money. Many companies avoid buying MLM leads due to the following reasons --

1. They are dead and aged leads –The biggest reason to avoid buying MLM leads is that most of the company in the industry provide stale and aged leads. In today’s world, people have access to several marketing tools and strategies such as many chats, FB messenger, blogging etc. But the leads generated from them are aged. Most of the companies that are selling the leads are generally selling the same leads to multiple companies and they use the leads that are accumulated for weeks or months before making it available to the companies. Some of the lead selling companies accumulate leads for 30-90 days or even longer before selling them and they are not real-time leads.

Some companies claim that they provide real-time leads that are supposedly fresh but most of the times when these leads are called they would respond by saying that they have never opted for any such thing or don’t know about what are we referring to. These leads are generally generated by means of cold calls and other traditional methods and have a low conversion rate of just 1.7%. instead of that, one must choose to do AdWords and other means of paid ads to generate leads.

2. These leads are ‘Lookie Loss’ and non-entrepreneurial –After buying leads from several companies that sell leads I realized that those leads are not at all hot leads. Most of the companies provided old leads and the leads that have the job mentality i.e. they are just searching and looking out for new products without any buying intention. They just click on ads or take information about the new products and services without any need of a purchase. When these people are contacted again they reply that they never opted for the product or was just browsing or similar job. Then when they were asked if they were interested in any home-based business then they would reply that they have a full-time job and do not have any time for MLM or such things. MLM leads must have the passion to start a home-based business and so to get these leads it is not possible via some lead generation company.
3. 95% of the leads are broken –95% of the leads that are purchased by MLM lead generation companies are broken and I have found it with my personal experience. They are already sold to several companies at once and also many of them do not have the money to invest in MLM business. So if you are ready to listen to nasty things on phone and waste time in running after fake leads then it is best to stay away from lead generating companies promising amazing results.


Conclusion --

Buying MLM leads can be profitable if you are buying them from genuine and trusted companies else it is a sheer waste of money and time. If you are looking to get money and generate leads, then it is better to invest in AdWords or social media marketing or blogging. These methods can generate better leads to a higher rate of conversion as compared to purchased leads from wrong sources. You can also make a website and promote your MLM brand and do SEO of it in order to get organic traffic. Another way to generate MLM leads is with the help of referrals from your existing downlines. You can give commission to the downlines in order to refer other people in their knowledge. This is a better way to generate leads for your MLM business.

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